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Reach 11 Recreation Area (4)

October 19, 2013 • Category: Phoenix, Trails - Nature

Reach 11 Trail Makes a Comeback!

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Titan Missile Museum (0)

Arizona has the only remaining Titan II missile silo in existence. Now a museum, the entire facility offers great access to Cold War history.

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Australian Video (0)

As the weather gets nicer, here’s a video to motivate everyone to get out, get active.

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University of Arizona Sends Three to Tennis World Cup in South Africa (0)

UoA Sends Three to 2011 World Tennis Championships

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Dead Horse Ranch State Park (4)

Dead Horse Ranch State Park has some great fishing holes for anglers in wheelchairs.


Different From What Film Festival Arrives at Mill Ave (0)

Tempe’s Mill Avenue hosted a film festival recently. The focus is all about people with disabilities.


Wheelchair Fencers on Guard in Arizona (0)

On Guard! Arizona Wheelchair Fencers Gather in Mesa to Rattle Some Sabers


Grand Canyon Deer Farm (0)

Tweet Location: Northern The Grand Canyon Deer Farm is located between Williams and Flagstaff on highway 40. The place should only be considered if you have kids. Its a petting zoo that seemed a bit pricey but once inside, its not bad. The animals look pretty tired and worn out, but kids have a […]

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Outdoor World (2)

When its 110 out but you still want to get outdoors, try rolling around Outdoor World.


Tempe Lake (2)

Tempe Lake is probably Phoenix’s finest place to enjoy when the weather is good. Its accessible, clean and always has something going on.

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Desert Botanical Garden (0)

If you are in Phoenix and want to explore the local environment but avoid all the hazards of surviving in the desert, DBG has got you covered.

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Symbius Hosts 2010 Over The Line Tournament In Phoenix, Arizona (0)

5th Annual Symbius OTL Tourney

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Gilbert, Arizona Offers a Great Park For Wheelers and Birders (0)

Its Spring in Arizona and that means the weather is absolutely perfect. Enjoy it even more at a perfectly great park in Gilbert.

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Usery Park – Merkle Trail (2)

Merkle Trail could better be named The Merkle Circle. It’s a mile long packed gravel trail in Usery Park, which is located in the east valley.

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Sabino Canyon (7)

Tweet LOCATION: Southern Arizona Sabino Canyon is an amazing park, and it’s one of the reasons I started Accessing Arizona. It is a rather unknown yet remarkably beautiful desert canyon featuring a rare little creek running through it. The main walking trail is actually a paved road that meanders through shady trees, water pools, rock […]

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Slide Rock State Park (2)

Sedona is definately a place worth exploring in Arizona, and Slide Rock is perhaps the most popular place to enjoy Oak Creek. But it’s not too friendly for wheelchairs. Read on and learn the secret to accessing the cool waters of Oak Creek.


Arizona’s 20th Anniversary of the ADA Film Festival (0)

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Steven C. Barber will preview “Unbeaten” at 20th Anniversary of the ADA Film Festival

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Lynx Lake Offers Great Wheelchair Accessibility (0)

If you think a trail around a beautiful lake is all leisure, think again. This lake has a trail that’s challenging and even a bit nerve-racking. One slip and it’s a banzai run down to the lake.


Hidden Meadow Ranch (1)

If you have never heard of Hidden Meadow Ranch, you probably arent alone. But the next time it’s the right time for a nice little getaway, come enjoy the cool weather, great access and the most amazing menu you’ll ever taste. The food alone is worth the drive, and your spouse will be amazed you know of such a secluded place.

Quad Rugby»

Arizona Well Represented on 2010 US Quad Rugby Team (0)

Quad Rugby is one of the most physical wheelchair sports played, and Arizona is home to many of the best players in the world.

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Adaptive Kart Racing in Tucson (5)

Need some speed? Check out the adaptive kart racing program in Tucson


Off Roading in Arizona – Adaptive Style (5)

Spring has arrived. It’s time to get out and roll around. This week, Accessing Arizona gets way back in the boonies with Lance Blair, founder of Disabled Explorers.


El Portal Inn (0)

If you are looking for a quaint escape and want to really impress your spouse with your ability to find those charming retreats, then El Portal is definitely a great (accessible) choice.


NRA Open Range Day (0)

It’s always good to get in touch with your 2nd amendment rights. Thanks to the National Rifle Association, people with disabilities got the chance to make some noise and poke some holes in some targets at Ben Avery Shooting Range today.

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Ben Avery Shooting Range (1)

Tweet Editor’s note: It’s my goal that Accessing Arizona not become another web site with canned descriptions of places. I hope the site offers insight that only comes from “hands-on” rolling about a place. Having said that I am posting this entry somewhat prematurely. Its been 20 years since I’ve been to Ben Avery Shooting […]

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Desert Challenge Hosts International Paralympic Athletes in Mesa (0)

This year’s Desert Challenge was better than ever. Perfect Arizona weather and some amazing athletes.

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Rim Lakes Vista Trail # 622 (1)

If ever there was a Lover’s Leap for people in wheelchairs, this trail would be it. Lake Vista Trail offers a stunning view from atop the Mogollon Rim. But come prepared, because just one slip and it’s over – no joke.

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Scottsdale WaterFront (3)

If you need to get out and go for a roll, but you spouse needs to do some shopping, Accessing Arizona now offers reviews of Urban Trails, and the Scottsdale Waterfront gets high marks for access, and shopping.


Hacienda Corona B&B (0)

Tweet This weekend we traveled to southern Arizona. We stayed at the Hacienda Corona de Guevavi Bed and Breakfast and Casitas which is located on 36 acres of the historic Guevavi Ranch along the banks of the Santa Cruz River between the towns of Tubac and Patgaonia, just north of Nogales. Wendy & Phil Stover […]

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Day on the Lake (1)

The annual Day on the Lake event is perhaps Arizona’s coolest get together for people with disabilities. Yes, its 100+ degrees out, but Bartlett Lake offers a cool escape.

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