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Slide Rock State Park

Sedona is definately a place worth exploring in Arizona, and Slide Rock is perhaps the most popular place to enjoy Oak Creek. But it’s not too friendly for wheelchairs. Read on and learn the secret to accessing the cool waters of Oak Creek.

Usery Park – Merkle Trail

Merkle Trail could better be named The Merkle Circle. It’s a mile long packed gravel trail in Usery Park, which is located in the east valley.

Tempe Lake Marina

If you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area, you likely know how nice it is to visit Tempe Beach Park. But too few know about the marina and the north shore of the lake. It’s beautiful, rarely crowded and it’s really wheelchair accessible.

Crescent Moon Picnic Area

Tweet Up until recently I thought the only two parks offering any kind of wheelchair accessibility in Sedona were Slide Rock State Park and Red Rock State Park. This changed when I visited the little known Crescent Moon Picnic Area. I was very impressed. It is not perfect, but if you have some tenacity and […]

South Mountain Park

Head to South Mountain Park about two hours before sunset. Enjoy the great trail and then drive up to the top and get the best view of the Phoenix lights.

Japanese Friendship Garden

Tweet The Japanese Friendship Garden (Ro Ho En)is a pretty cool little park. The authentic 3 1/2 acre park located in downtown Phoenix has a little lake that is full of Koi fish. We are talking about a lot of big colorful Koi. Around the lake is a perfect trail. It’s not too steep, not […]

White Tanks Regional Park

Tweet White Tanks is located on the far west side of Phoenix. It’s a big park with many areas for camping and picnicking. The park has some excellent hiking trails for the walking-type folks. It also features two trails for wheelers. Waterfall TrailThe name is only true if you come after a rain. And then […]

Cresent Moon Picnic Area

Tweet Editor’s note: This entry marks the first of hopefully many future essays by contributing writers. By: Laurie Zentner The Cresent Moon Picnic Area is located just east of Red Rock State Park on Oak Creek. Which puts it just outside of Sedona. The location has a great view of Cathedral Rock. The picnic tables […]

Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area

Tweet Location: Phoenix The name Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area does not sound all too inviting, but being as I live in Phoenix and the the park ranger’s e-mail says it is accessible I figured I would swing by.Wow! Good job Phoenix. This is a nice little sanctuary and it’s also got some excellent wheeler […]

Sabino Canyon

Tweet LOCATION: Southern Arizona Sabino Canyon is an amazing park, and it’s one of the reasons I started Accessing Arizona. It is a rather unknown yet remarkably beautiful desert canyon featuring a rare little creek running through it. The main walking trail is actually a paved road that meanders through shady trees, water pools, rock […]

What Acessing Arizona Is All About

Accessing Arizona is primarily designed for people who are looking for wheelchair accessible events, locations and activities. If you have paralysis (paraplegic or quadriplegic), Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Bifida, or if you are an amputee, Accessing Arizona has information about an active lifestyle.
If you are traveling to Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Sedona or the Grand Canyon, the site offers insight about the accessibility. We cover trails, lakes, state parks, national parks and just about anything claiming to be handicapped accessible. The site also covers sports and recreation in Arizona.
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