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Lynx Lake Offers Great Wheelchair Accessibility


Prescott’s Lynx Lake has great wheelchair accessibility.  Prescott  is just a mere 80 miles north of Phoenix heading towards Flagstaff. And Lynx Lake is 10 minutes out of town. The lake is managed by the National Parks. Its a small lake by any standard, but when its 108 degrees in Phoenix and you are enjoying afternoon showers and 69 degrees, the lake can be the size of a bathtub and I’m still enjoying it.

At the south end of the lake the lake is an excellent ramp leading out to a wooden floating dock. The dock has lowered rails for we sitting fishers. This is actually an exceptional picnic area for wheelers. It is flat with paths everywhere, and easy access to bathroom facilities. The picnic tables are covered and even the barbecues are accessible. The parking is perfect.

Sarah True is a volunteer at New Horizons Independent Living Center in Prescott. She wrote me about the lake and also mentioned the path leading back to the cafe and bait shop was a challenging dirt path for wheelers.

From the Lake, Trail 311 starts of pretty flat. Its a narrow asphalt trail that follows the west bank of the lake. We’re over 5000′ elevation and the inclines come pretty quick. Almost immediately I was huffing and puffing. I am calling this a black diamond trail. If you ski, you’ll know why. It’s not that the trail is too steep, if that it is rather narrow in places, and the drop-off is not something you want to experience. In many places it is probably a 30 foot drop right into the lake. In-shape paras like Sara will find this a challenging path. Pushing a manual chair, this old quad had to get plenty of assistance, and there were some corners where my breaking abilities were not enough. I plan to come back and try this path in a powered chair. 24 volts may not be enough to get me back the 1-mile trail, and those same corners may make me nervous as with one wrong flick of my wrist and I’m going to be in the lake for sure. This is definitely a trail where you utilize the buddy system.

Enough with the precautions. This trail is very scenic, and a great place to escape. The entire one-mile path goes along the lake shore, hence the name. And in three spots they have created some great concrete overlooks where you can fish. There’s 2 or 3 wooden bridges as well. We saw birds and a few squirrels.

We made it as far as the boat rental location (no accessible boats) and turned around with looming rainclouds approaching. You can see a path goes around most, if not all of the lake and it may not be paved. Lynx gets high marks. Its in the cool pines and is dog-friendly so we’ll be back.

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