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London Bridge – Lake Havasu

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Its late November and in the high 60’s in Phoenix, so I decided to find somewhere warmer. I see Lake Havasu is predicted to be mid-70’s so I packed another pair of shorts and headed west for the 2 hour drive.

Forty years ago some clever people in Lake Havasu, Arizona bought the London Bridge for $3 million from London. They spent another $7 million getting it back to Lake Havasu, now it’s a pretty cool place to visit. Lake Havasu is on the Arizona California border. The lake has a reputation for big time lake parties and some awesome boats. We visited over the Thanksgiving weekend. Not many parties but plenty of seriously fast (and sexy) boats.

The bridge goes across a 1-mile long channel which has beaches on both side. Above the beaches is a 5-star urban trail that goes from the city’s Rotary Park, along the shoreline, up and over the bridge and then down the coast of the island. What I like is that its got a little bit of everything. The park has a great beach. The sand is compact enough that I could get the ol’ power chair to get right on the shoreline. The palm trees add some tropic flavor and the lake and mountains are very scenic. We stopped and watched the kids race the RC cars at a cool little track.

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As you approach the bridge, there’s numerous shops and bistros on the path. Beneath the bridge is a stage where music events occur. Now here is where it gets a bit tricky. In order to get to the island you cross the bridge, which means you have to get up to street level and the one path that is obvious is way too steep. We found a much easier detour by the tennis courts of the London Bridge Resort. You have to cut through their parking lot for a 1/4 mile but it seems like the best route.

Going across the bridge is easy and scenic. When you get to the island, take the sidewalk around the Javalina Cafe (ok food, nice view) and head to the lobby of the Heat hotel. We met the general manager who said they allow PwD’s to use the elevator to get down to the shore. There’s another route but this was easy. From here the path runs south toward London Bridge Beach. This is a really nice path the goes past a great dog park. During our visit they were working on the path past this point, but there’s a great looking park that goes down to the end of the island. One other path is located on the island itself. This is basically a 3-mile bike path that would be great for exercise. It takes you all the way around the island.

Where To Stay

We stayed at The Nautical Inn and really liked it. They have 3 rooms that are ADA wheelchair accessible. Only one has a roll-in shower. The rooms have a great view of the lake. Whats really cool is they have a path leading down to the beach. If you look close you can see my tracks. The restaurant is accessible, and the tiki bar is really fun.

We also visited Heat Hotel, which is right next to the London Bridge and has a room with roll-in shower that has a great view. Heat is definitely a eclectic festive location and the GM tells me the parties slow down around 2pm, so dont expect less. They have two levels of outdoor bars and good music, so its definitely meant for a fun time.

As for fishing, I had hoped to visit the Havasu Springs Pier (Wiki info)which is located 10 miles south of town and supposedly accessible, but we ran out of time.

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  1. Loren, I found your blog through Google, while looking for accessible trails in Arizona for my wife and me. We both enjoy getting out into the world, but Suzy has extremely limited walking ability, and needs to use a scooter beyond short distances.

    Your blog looks like a great place for us to learn, so we thank you much! We’ll follow your blog, at least for a while.


  1. Wheelchair Access in Lake Havasu, Arizona | Accessing Arizona | Lake havasu live today.

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