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Desert Botanical Garden

Ed Note: This was originally posted in Oct, 2008.

To a certain extent, the Desert Botanical Garden’s like most public gardens/museums/parks that charge an admission are quite accessible. So I have never been in a hurry to cover DBG, but it is October and the weather is fabulous in Arizona and so I spent a Sunday afternoon enjoying a great place to explore all of the deserts of the world.

Suffice it to say DGB is a very accessible place to spend a leisurely afternoon. Located on the borders of Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe, DBG is right next to the Phoenix Zoo, and Papago Park. If you are anywhere in Phoenix, it is pretty easy to locate. Note: DBG is approximately 1 mile north of the Metro Rail Station 19 which opens Jan 2009. If the weather were nice, this would be a good push for any wheeler.

If I were a 30 year old male, I would be getting sick of this blog. It’s all leisure and no cool activities. And you are correct, so until I find a few interesting activities, consider DBG as a great place to get some really good wheelchair exercise. The paths twist and wind for probably a good mile. And thereĀ are a number of good inclines for cardio fun. A few laps will have anybody catching their breath.

For those interested in the desert, you will find cactus and other plants indigenous to deserts and arid regions spread throughout the park. It is definitely not just plants from the southwestern desert. So even to locals, there is plenty of reasons to visit. Probably the best reason to come to DBG is that it is a relaxing convenient place to explore the desert. There is plenty of shade, and water, and concession stands for food and drink. The garden hosts small musical concerts, weddings, and art related festivals.

As for accessibility, DBG gets high ratings. All of the paths are plenty accessible. There are paved paths and dirt path, and I’ve never gotten a flat tire here. All of the concessions and restrooms are convenient as well. As a photographer in a wheelchair I am constantly wishing I could get at ground level for perspective and close-up photographs. In a place such as this I am looking for planters that are about 24″ high with a retaining wall beside the path. Now I can shoot from “ground level.” DBG has a few good ones. I also like that they stay open past dark to allow you to experience sunsets and how the desert changes when darkness arrives.

Another good reason to visit DBG is that Papago Park is right across the street, and Mill Avenue/
Tempe Lake are near by as well. The combination makes for a great day.

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