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Reach 11 Recreation Area

Oct 2013: Wow, its been 7 years since we first came here. Google didnt even exist. Nor the iPhone/iPad. But the trail is now better. The first segment use to be gravel. It is now grade A concrete. The loop remains asphalt and its deteriorating. But its the best part of the trail. There is one little wash crossing that is still sandy. For sure someone rolling solo could get stuck.

Reach 11 is now a favorite for a brisk push with my FreeWheel attachment. Its flat and fast with shade every so often. But note: there is not a drop of water here. Bring lots!

Location: North Phoenix

I visited this park in November. 2006. The City of Phoenix Parks & Recreation web site says there is an accessible path and given I live near by, I wanted to check it out.

First the good. Its true, a path exists and its really good for wheeling. There are virtually no slopes. The appx. 1 mile scenic loop is located in the flood path which means that when it rains, the area fills up. Thats okay accept much of the trees and plants have a lot of undergrowth, tall grass and weeds which make it tough to see much along the trail but its still nice.

[UPDATE: DECEMBER 2007 – I went again and they should not call this an accessible trail anymore. To get to the paved path is very difficult and now the path is deteriorating. Its OK if you bring an able-bodied for assistance but its not what I consider accessible]

There was a small pond when we visited. I bet you can view desert critters coming to water in the morning and evening. There are some picnic tables along the way but definately bring water cuz’ there ain’t none available.

Now for what sucks. This damn path is impossible to find! No kidding, you gotta push 1/4 mile down a dirt (and sandy) road just to get to the trail head. Its almost a cruel joke. Maybe they ran out of money or something but there’s 2-3 sandy areas you can easily get stuck in before you come across the asphalt path. There is also absolutely no signage at the parking lot (there’s 2 lots actually and you want the north one) so we asked 2 park ranger-type people before we even found where to park.

Overall, its a pretty cool place but not anything inspiring.

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  1. Loren,

    It’s great to see you posting again! There are not enough sites like yours yet. Keep up the momentum.

    Scott Rains
    The Rolling Rains Report

  2. I went here this summer and got stuck in my electric chair. Luckily, my male attendant is very strong and pulled me out of the sand. I don’t think I’ll return.

  3. For North Phx, head over to the Bajada Trail in N-E Scottsdale. Significantly better.


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