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Scottsdale WaterFront


When its 112 degrees and gas is over $4.00 gallon, its time to look for a trail that is a little closer to home. One that is in town and I can show up around dusk when its down to maybe 101 degrees.

And so The Scottsdale Waterfront Project marks the first of a new category at Accessing Arizona, the urban trail. Unlike nature trails which feature wildlife and natural scenery, urban trails feature architecture, shopping, dining and ideally some enjoyable landscaping.

And Scottsdale’s new waterfront project fits the description. Located on the southeast corner of Camelback and Scottsdale Road, there has always been an old ugly canal. Today, the ugly is gone and the both banks offer a great path for wheelers. All along the path are open bistros and bars. The path is wide and plenty flat. So far there appears to be about 3/4 miles of path. Its a good place to get some casual exercise.

I did not catch a ride yet, but Scottsdale now has some new trolleys that went by every 15 minutes. Any yep, they were all wheelchair accessible!

Scottsdale Waterfront Web Site

Another great urban trail is at Tempe Lake.

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  1. Just came back from a wedding in Scottsdale 1 month ago. Besides being freakin hot (108 degrees) their was some gorgeous spots I enjoyed in Scottsdale…

    Also would highly recomend the Chino Bandido in Phoenix, AZ…. some awesome Chinese Mexican fusion food and inexpensive too!!

  2. I was in Scottsdale during the month of February. I love the city but the lovely cobblestone crosswalks and some sidewalks are a real PAIN in the back when in a power chair. I cannot imagine how children in strollers must be totally uncomfortable and can’t speak up for themselves. Due to the bumppy crosswalks you must cross scottsdale outside of the actual crosswalk which proved to be dangerous. Headed north on Scottsdale road from Rhomas the sidewalk just ends with no curb cut. Then I had to double back, cross the street for a few blocks and the same thing happens. I spent more time doubling back then going forward. i was very disappointed, so I was happy to read this post.
    I even used my powerchair to get myself to the ER and had to travel on bumps to get there.

  3. Cobblestones seem to be on all four corners of this rock. I also dislike those $#@!! nubbies they now place on curb cuts. I guess visually-impaired need’em but they cause me all kinds of pains.

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